pink-roses-basket.jpg Earlier this week, my mom and I were discussing our recent yard sale and had some interesting thoughts. Over these past few years we have been studying a lot about what the Bible teaches concerning the family and have come to see the importance of the home in ministering to people. A home that is functioning Biblically has powerful influence for the Kingdom of God. As we considered our yard sale, we realized that we had seen this principle in action.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Lord sent many people to our yard sale last Saturday and nearly everyone who stepped into our yard received a gospel tract. We distributed approximately 100 tracts without even leaving our yard. A gospel tract, because it contains the Word of God, will have impact wherever it is distributed, as long as someone reads it. However, as we evaluated our experience, we realized that by distributing them from our home, there was a whole unspoken atmosphere to back up the message. My family is by no means perfect (we made numerous mistakes during our yard sale, things that, in looking back, we realize detracted from the message), but we are striving, by God’s grace, to have a home that brings glory to God by operating according to His design. I think I can safely say that most everyone who stopped by could sense that there is something different about our home: peaceful Christian music playing; modest, feminine dress; unity among the family. Our prayer is that this atmosphere caused a longing in people’s hearts that will impel them to seek out the Word of God.

Sadly, there are many Christians who believe that they must neglect their families or leave their homes in order to most effectively serve Christ. There are times when this is necessary; however, I believe God’s intention is for the family itself to be an impetus to drive others to Christ. In the book Susanna Wesley from the Heroes of Faith series, published by the Institute in Basic Life Principles, there is a thought provoking statement concerning the contrast between Samuel Wesley and his wife Susanna’s focus in life. “In seeking God’s Kingdom, Samuel Wesley tried to change the Church by neglecting his children, and he failed both the Church and his family. Susanna simply concentrated on her family and changed the Church and the nation and influenced the world” (Susanna Wesley, 18). When we focus on developing a Christ-centered home, expending our time and energy to accomplish this goal, God uses the family as a mighty force in attracting people to Himself.


© Copyright 2007 by Vida Earnshaw