On Thursday, May 31, we had our final Keepers at Home meeting for the year.  Praise God for the wonderful year He gave us!  At this last meeting, Ashley reviewed our songs and memory verses (Matthew 6).  Then Mrs. Coleman did a wonderful job teaching us Psalm 119:11, 105 in sign language.  For our lesson time we studied the life of Mrs. Susanna Wesley.  Then my mom and Ashley gave us pointers on how to carry on a good conversation, explaining, with an amusing demonstration, that questions are like balls.  You must be careful to keep the “ball” bouncing back and forth between both parties by asking and answering questions. 

After our instructional hour, everyone enjoyed the delicious cakes, scones, fruit, and tea sandwiches that the girls had made.  After tea, we played with the conversation balls and then had a round of questions from the “Question Bag.” 

We hope each family has a wonderful summer and look forward to what the Lord has for us in the fall.   

The girls enjoying tea  Mrs. Coleman, Jessica, and Mrs. Hill    Mrs. Coleman  Mrs. Baughman at the tea table  Alyssa and Emily playing conversation balls  Sarah H. and Hannah  Sarah H.  Ashley  Mrs. Harrison  Katherine B. playing conversation balls  Jessica  tea and lemonade  Emily, Katie, and Sarah S.    Katie  Sarah demonstrates an updo on Rachel  Hannah’s question  Mrs. Stockman  Katie  Mrs. Whitesell and Alyssa sing a duet  Anna and Sarah  Mrs. Hinson, Mrs. Baughman, and Mrs. Harrison  Kathryn’s quilt  Jessie  Brothers came in at the end of the party to sample the treats.  Vida and Kathryn