The Monstrous Regiment of WomenLast night my family and I watched a powerful new documentary called The Monstrous Regiment of Women by the Gunn Brothers.  Through a number of commentators, including Mrs. Jennie Chancey of LAF and Mrs. Stacy McDonald of Family Reformation Ministries, this DVD graphically exposes some of the lies of feminism and extols the virtues of godly womanhood.  Men and women indeed have equal value before God, but He has given them unique roles.  This film demonstrates that when women reject their God-given role to pursue the feminist ideal, sorrow ensues.  Sadly, even the church has blindly embraced feminism.  Although most Christian women would say they are not feminists, they are living the lifestyle feminism upholds.  I highly recommend this documentary and trust that God will use it to turn many women back to their homes and encourage those who have already made this decision.

Thank you Gunn Brothers for all the time and effort you invested in this much needed production.  May God raise up many more voices to cry against feminism!

You can watch a preview and order a copy of the documentary HERE.

Note: Because of some mature content, including graphic abortion footage, this film is not recommended for young viewers.