The girls have been working very hard on their new skirts! 

emilys-skirt.jpg  sarah-hs-skirt.jpg

Mrs. Coleman and Hannah

Emily, Sarah H., and Mrs. Berryman

Mrs. Berryman taught the girls how to use a serger.

Mrs. Tucker and Alyssa

Mrs. Hinson


After the girls worked on their skirts, my mom taught them how to make newspaper hats.  First, she put a stack of about 8-10 sheets of newspaper on their heads and we wrapped masking tape around their foreheads to make the hat band.  (Clear box tape actually works better.)    

Making Hats  Hannah and Vida

We then rolled up the edges of the newspaper to shape the brim and stapled to hold it in place. 



The girls then cut off and/or glued down excess paper, decorated, and modeled their hats. 

Sarah H., Alyssa, Emily

Hannah and Sarah S.

Rachel, Sarah H., and Sarah S.