This morning my mom and I were deeply moved by Eileen Berry’s new hymn text Carol of Joy.  While attending Bob Jones University, Miss Berry would graciously give a friend and me a ride to Mount Calvary Baptist Church on Wednesday nights.  This godly lady has a real heart for the Lord.  She has written a number of songs that have really ministered me.  So May I Pray and  I Lift My Love to Thee are particularly meaningful.  The following is the text to her new Christmas hymn Carol of Joy:

Green leaves all fallen, withered and dry;
Brief sunset fading, dim winter sky.
Lengthening shadows, Dark closing in…
Then, through the stillness, carols begin!

Oh fallen world, to you is the song—
Death holds you fast and night tarries long.
Jesus is born, your curse to destroy!
Sweet to your ears, a carol of Joy!

Pale moon ascending, solemn and slow;
Cold barren hillside, shrouded in snow;
Deep, empty valley veiled by the night;
Hear angel music—hopeful and bright!

Oh fearful world, to you is the song—
Peace with your God, and pardon for wrong!
Tidings for sinners, burdened and bound—
A carol of joy! A Saviour is found!

Earth wrapped in sorrow, lift up your eyes!
Thrill to the chorus filling the skies!
Look up sad hearted—witness God’s love!
Join in the carol swelling above!

Oh friendless world, to you is the song!
All Heaven’s joy to you may belong!
You who are lonely, laden, forlorn—
Oh fallen world! Oh friendless world!
To you,
A Saviour is born!

Dan Forrest has written a magnificent setting for this text.  You can listen to it here