It has been a long time since I have updated my blog!  Life has been so full over the past number of months I have not had time to write.  The demise of our digital camera has not helped matters either!

Studio Visit by Emile FriantThis past month the Lord did some amazing things to open the door for me to return to Bob Jones University for a session of summer school.  I was able to take two classes, Oral Communications for the Professions and Advanced Painting III.  By God’s grace, the classes went very well and I am now 5 credits closer to graduating!  Now that I am back at home, I will be taking an independent studies course over the rest of the summer for which I will paint six more paintings.

There are many things lined up for this summer in addition to painting.  My cousin Philip is getting married in a couple of weeks.  We will be traveling to Florida for the wedding and are looking forward to the resulting family reunion.  About a week after the wedding, Kenny will be coming home for a visit!  We can hardly wait to see him again!!  There is also IBJM’s Four Day Focus to help with and Bible Clubs to plan.  It’s going to be an exciting summer!