Mama, Sarah S., Daddy

With Kenny here to join in the celebration, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!  In preparation for the coming festivities, Mama, Ashley, and I spent all day Thursday in the kitchen or running errands.  Meanwhile, Daddy and Kenny worked on the roof.  By the time we were finally able to crawl into bed late that night, everyone was exhausted!  The next morning Daddy, Kenny, and Ashley got up very early to load everything into the pickup truck and then set off for Chester Frost Park to claim a spot for our Fourth of July picnic.  Meanwhile, Mama and I finished up the remaining preparations here at home, picked up several friends, and then met everyone else at the park around noon time. 









Grandpa, Ashley, Alex Henry, Aunt Jean, Timmy S., Hagit Henry, Corey Lee

Daddy, Caryn, Scott Shields

Horse Shoes

Volley Ball


Saturday evening we enjoyed a visit from some of our “Florida” cousins: Tammie, Cathy, and Lydia.  We spent the evening laughing and reminiscing.









Tammie, Cathy, Lydia, and my family

Our church had a special patriotic service on Sunday, July 6.  

Shane Tucker, Daddy, Kenny -- Three members of the Color Guard. Corey Lee left before we could get a picture.

My Sweet Brother

Daddy, Grandpa, Kenny

We had a full weekend celebrating the freedoms with which God has blessed us in this country and remembering those who have given everything to preserve our liberty.