French News Cast, Vida and Laura

French News Cast--Vida and Laura

These past few months have been a whirlwind of activity! After five years of working and waiting on God’s perfect timing, the Lord very suddenly made it possible for me to return to Bob Jones University to complete my final year. Just a week or so before the fall semester opened we received a phone call regarding a scholarship for which I had applied months ago. Previously I had been notified that I would not be receiving this scholarship, but now they were calling to inform me that I had been chosen as a runner up and would be receiving it after all. It was a scramble to complete all the paperwork and packing, but somehow the Lord helped us accomplish everything and within a very short time I found myself enrolled as a student at BJU. The Lord blessed me with a wonderful roommate, excellent teachers, and a number of good friends. By His grace all of my classes, as well as my internship, went well.

The last couple weeks of school were extremely busy. For the final project in my French Conversation class we were required to put together and film a news broadcast in French. My team members and I worked very hard writing our scripts, practicing our lines, and filming our stories. We were right on schedule to begin editing when we ran into major technical difficulties. We had used two cameras for our filming, one that belonged to the school and the other to one of our teammates. Apparently the two cameras were not compatible. The media center staff spent several hours trying to remedy the problem, but in the end we had to re-film everything that was shot on one of the cameras. This major set-back left us working feverishly night and day down to the very last minute. God gave much grace and we were very thankful to have a finished product to turn in at the exam!

Danae filming Laura

Danae filming Laura

Danae and Maria filming

More filming--Danae and Maria

Maria and Natalie

Maria and Natalie editing

Vida and Maria

Editing down to the very last minute

After three and a half months of very hard work, it is wonderful to be home again! Kenny came home on leave Sunday night. What a blessing to have everyone home for Christmas this year!

This final week before Christmas has been very full. Tuesday we held our annual Happy Birthday to Jesus Christmas Bible Club Party. Approximately twenty-five children plus several adults were in attendance. It was a blessing to have Miss Patti Anderson come again to teach the Bible lesson. The children enjoyed meeting her special friend Lenny.

Miss Patti

Miss Patti teaching Bible Club

Miss Patti and Lenny

Miss Patti introduced the children to Lenny.

Ashley leading music

Ashley led the singing.


children singing christmas carols

children singing carols

Little Sarah (the girl my family tutors) is spending Christmas with us again this year. On Christmas Eve she and my dad worked together to build a charming little gingerbread house.

Reading The Gingerbread Baby after building the gingerbread house

Reading The Gingerbread Baby after building the gingerbread house

Christmas morning Ashley made a scrumptious batch of pancakes for breakfast, including one in the shape of a gingerbread boy for Sarah.

Sarah's gingerbread boy pancake

While the rest of us were savoring the food and fellowship, Sarah could hardly wait to get through breakfast and family devotions. When the approval finally came, she made a mad dash for the tree and it was all we could do to get her to wait for everyone else before opening presents. Sarah has been praying for an American Girl doll for a long time and was absolutely delighted to receive one from her parents. Sarah and Mia

We spent an enjoyable afternoon with family and friends and closed the evening with music and a good time of family discussion.



“Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” Luke 2:10-11, 14.