“It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him” Genesis 2:18.

Signing the Register by Edmund Blair Leighton


Recently there has been a flurry of engagements and weddings among my friends from church and school and even in my own family! Two of my cousins and my own dear brother have each entered into the sacred covenant of marriage this summer and one more cousin will follow this fall.

The first wedding was in May. My dear little cousin Courtney married Chad Phelps, a godly young man whom she met while attending school up at Maranatha. The wedding was beautiful! I am so happy for them and excited to see how God will use them as they serve Him together.

Kenny and Hannah (photo courtesy of Jana and Janene Brackbill)

My brother’s wedding was on July 6. Last August/September, at the close of Kenny’s leave, my mom suggested that Ashley and I “introduce” Kenny to some of the sweet girls we know via facebook. He was quite taken with one of the profiles I showed him…the one of my friend Hannah Potter. I met Hannah a number of years ago at Mount Calvary, the church where I was a member during my time at BJU. The Lord enabled us to renew our acquaintance a couple of years ago when I returned to BJU to finish my degree. After a note of introduction (warning Hannah that she would soon receive a friend request and note from my brother) their correspondence began. After a month or so of writing, a meeting was arranged and Kenny and Hannah met in person for the first time. Not long after, the Lord made it clear that He intended them for each other. In February, approximately six months after the first letter, Kenny, with her father’s full blessing, asked Hannah to be his wife. The wedding was a glorious celebration of all that God has done! They plan to spend the first two years of their marriage in Korea, Kenny’s next duty station.

Two of my other cousins, Josh and Caleb, will also be married very soon. Josh is getting married this afternoon and his brother Caleb this fall.

It is exciting to see how God has worked and brought each couple together for His glory. May each of these marriages grow to become radiant pictures of Christ and the church!