Keepers at Home Club

This past Thursday we hosted the annual Keepers at Home Club Christmas Tea Party in our home.  During the first hour, Ashley led us in our normal club routine, with a few Christmas modifications.

Ashley, Mrs. Hinson

Mrs. Bennett graciously agreed to lead our sign language segment.  (Mrs. Coleman was home with Hannah’s new baby brother Luke!  Congratulations, Coleman family!!) 

Mrs. Bennett

After our Bible lesson, about Mary’s submission to the Lord’s will (Luke 1:38), we enjoyed a lovely tea party and games. 

Tea Table

Musical Presents

 I thank the Lord for another wonderful semester of Keepers at Home Club and look forward to seeing the great things He will do in the coming new year. 


This past Thursday Bethany Bennett came to Keepers at Home Club and did a card-making demonstration for us.  She creates and sells cards beautiful, homemade cards. 






The girls worked hard and each made a lovely Christmas card.


Sarah S.



Sarah S.

Christmas Card


The girls have been working very hard on their new skirts! 

emilys-skirt.jpg  sarah-hs-skirt.jpg

Mrs. Coleman and Hannah

Emily, Sarah H., and Mrs. Berryman

Mrs. Berryman taught the girls how to use a serger.

Mrs. Tucker and Alyssa

Mrs. Hinson


After the girls worked on their skirts, my mom taught them how to make newspaper hats.  First, she put a stack of about 8-10 sheets of newspaper on their heads and we wrapped masking tape around their foreheads to make the hat band.  (Clear box tape actually works better.)    

Making Hats  Hannah and Vida

We then rolled up the edges of the newspaper to shape the brim and stapled to hold it in place. 



The girls then cut off and/or glued down excess paper, decorated, and modeled their hats. 

Sarah H., Alyssa, Emily

Hannah and Sarah S.

Rachel, Sarah H., and Sarah S.



We had a special guest at Keepers at Home Club today.  Mr. Coleman came and answered questions we had about what it is like to be deaf. 

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman

Rachel H. has been working very hard at her memory verses.  Today she said Colossians 3:1-5 by heart with all the girls looking on. 

Rachel reciting Col. 3

For today’s Show and Tell, Alyssa told us how she has been helping her mother in the kitchen and Hannah treated us to a piano special.

Hannah playing the piano

Our desire as Christian young ladies is that every area of our lives be set apart for the Lord.  In light of the upcoming holiday, we examined what the Scripture says about the “dark arts” and how Christians are to “abstain from all appearance of evil.”  (More on this topic in my next post.)

 keepers-club-10-18-07-029.jpg  keepers-club-10-18-07-044.jpg 

For skill time this month, Mrs. Berryman has been teaching us sewing and clothing alterations.  Last time we focused on alterations.  Today the girls began making skirts.  Everyone worked diligently measuring, pinning, cutting, and sewing their projects.  I look forward to seeing all the lovely new skirts in a few weeks! 

 Sarah H. Ashley, Vida, Sarah S. Emily and Alyssa Mrs. Tucker and Alyssa Mrs. Berryman and Jessi Rachel H. Mrs. Coleman and Hannah Mrs. Hinson and Sarah Sarah S. and Ashley Jessi and Mrs. Harrison Susanna Katy and Ashley

Afternoon Tea by Alexander Rossi                                                                                                                                           (Afternoon Tea by Alexander Rossi)

Our third year of Keepers at Home Club got off to a good start yesterday afternoon.   Several of our girls were out of town or unable to make it to the first meeting for one reason or another, but we still had a nice number in attendence.

After Ashley led us in song, we introduced a new feature for this year.  At each meeting one or two girls will be invited to take a couple of minutes to show and tell us (along with their mother, if they like) about a craft or special project they are working on.  Sarah S. was our first volunteer.  She showed us some sparkly Christmas ornaments she had made by carefully suspending shaped pipe cleaners in a boric powder solution overnight.  The result, lovely crystalized stars and hearts which will look charming on a Christmas tree. 

Mrs. Coleman has again graciously agreed to teach us sign language at each meeting.  We were all a bit rusty after the summer break, but under her patient tutelage I’m sure we will make steady progress this year. 

Each year we learn a substantial Scripture passage together.  Our new passage for the year is Colosians 3.  Ashley led us in learning verses 1-4 with some very memorable motions! 

 After our Bible lesson time (in which I tried to renew our vision for Keepers at Home Club, emphasizing the powerful influence, for good or evil, that each one of us wields as a daughter in our father’s house), Ashley gave us tips and advice on closet organization.  She transformed the front of the room into a disatrous bedroom and then showed us how to quickly and wisely sort through the clutter to have a well-ordered wardrobe. 

The focus of our skill time this year is the practical skills needed to be a successful keeper at home.  The mothers are planning many exciting and useful lessons for us.  Next time Mrs. Berryman will teach us how to do basic clothing alterations. 

I praise the Lord for this exciting ministry and look forward to all the wonderful things He has in store for us this year! 

On Thursday, May 31, we had our final Keepers at Home meeting for the year.  Praise God for the wonderful year He gave us!  At this last meeting, Ashley reviewed our songs and memory verses (Matthew 6).  Then Mrs. Coleman did a wonderful job teaching us Psalm 119:11, 105 in sign language.  For our lesson time we studied the life of Mrs. Susanna Wesley.  Then my mom and Ashley gave us pointers on how to carry on a good conversation, explaining, with an amusing demonstration, that questions are like balls.  You must be careful to keep the “ball” bouncing back and forth between both parties by asking and answering questions. 

After our instructional hour, everyone enjoyed the delicious cakes, scones, fruit, and tea sandwiches that the girls had made.  After tea, we played with the conversation balls and then had a round of questions from the “Question Bag.” 

We hope each family has a wonderful summer and look forward to what the Lord has for us in the fall.   

The girls enjoying tea  Mrs. Coleman, Jessica, and Mrs. Hill    Mrs. Coleman  Mrs. Baughman at the tea table  Alyssa and Emily playing conversation balls  Sarah H. and Hannah  Sarah H.  Ashley  Mrs. Harrison  Katherine B. playing conversation balls  Jessica  tea and lemonade  Emily, Katie, and Sarah S.    Katie  Sarah demonstrates an updo on Rachel  Hannah’s question  Mrs. Stockman  Katie  Mrs. Whitesell and Alyssa sing a duet  Anna and Sarah  Mrs. Hinson, Mrs. Baughman, and Mrs. Harrison  Kathryn’s quilt  Jessie  Brothers came in at the end of the party to sample the treats.  Vida and Kathryn

Recently our Keepers at Home Club had a Christmas party. After the normal club routine (music, memory verses, sign language, and Bible lesson), the girls enjoyed home-made treats and exchanged white elephant gifts. We then decorated T-shirts and picture frames.

These pictures were taken by Mrs. Nicole Harrison.

keepers-1.JPG keepers-2-gift-table.JPG keepers-3.JPG keepers-4-babylilly.JPG keepers-5-ladies.JPG keepers-7.JPG keepers-8.JPG keepers-9-mrsh-mrsb.JPG keepers-10.JPG keepers-11.JPG  keepers-12-haileyfousts-craft-shirt.JPG keepers-13-craft-shirts.JPG keepers-14-craft-shirts.JPG